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Cableduct has the largest range of standard floor boxes in the industry. We have a floor box to suit ANY site requirement.

All ranges of floor box can suit screed or cavity floors. All boxes can be supplied with a lock, and can be any depth greater than 55mm*. All ranges are Cat6 compatible. Use our interactive floor box chooser or look at the ranges below.


2000 series

Innovative, award winning design
3 or 4 compartment

Lid recess 6mm for carpet, vinyl, resin

Improved floor safety: closing outlet flaps - Patent GB2473156

Simple outlet flap reversal - Patent GB2473157

Instant, tool free installation - Patant GB2440371

Suitable for floors from 55mm deep

500 series

Infinitely flexible design

1, 2, 3 or 4 compartment

Any size, any depth

Easily adapted for existing floor trunking

Lid recess 6.5mm for carpet, vinyl, resin
Also available with flat lid (steel or stainless steel)

Suitable for floors from 55mm deep

700 series

1, 2, 3 or 4 compartment

Can accept lid infill of ANY thickness

Any size, any depth

Available brass or stainless steel, with or without trim flange

Can be strengthened to withstand medium grade cavity floor loading

700 series round

Round boxes available in standard diameters of:

- 127mm (cleaner socket)

- 193mm (2 compartment)

- 289mm (3 compartment)

Available with ANY lid recess, and in stainless steel or brass

* 2000 and 500 series only. 65mm minimum for 700 series




Outlet plates. For information on Cat6 click here

For information on the RCD sockets that can be supplied click here (external site)

Don't know which to choose? Use our interactive floor box chooser

download Floor box brochure pdf

Recent Projects using Standard Floor Boxes: Buckingham Palace


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