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Stewart House: A requirement for 900 purpose made floor boxes to suit existing flush floor trunking…

The principle driver for the University of London project was the expiry of the tenants lease for Stewart House, which is interconnected to Senate House; a 1937 Charles Holden designed Grade II listed building of 28,700m².

This precipitated an opportunity to consolidate a number of University departments within Senate House and from numerous properties in adjoining squares.

Stewart House on Russell Square an early eighties building of 10,747m² over 4 floors was refurbished in response to departmental needs. 

This refurbishment was the first phase of the two phase renovation in Senate House.

BDP were responsible for the design, and they had a brief to provide a quality refurbishment, in a building that had ceilings and floors that were plain and had minimal features.  It was important to achieve this in the structural restrictions of the building, and within limited budget.  Carpet tiles were used as a floor finish for the majority of the refurbished areas.

In order to achieve a substantial cost saving BDP wished to utilise the existing flush floor system that ran throughout the building.  They asked Cableduct to design a floor box to suit this 325mm x 65mm unequal compartment trunking, and also to provide some new trunking to match the existing where new runs were required, and junctions to suit.  It was necessary for the box to fit at any location along the trunking run at 200mm intervals

The 500 series floor box was used, that can be made to any size.  Instead fitting within the flush floor lid as per the standard construction of a flush floor box provided, BDP required the box to fit exactly within the width of the trunking with a length of 200mm.  The box was therefore provided with fixing brackets to attach directly to the lip of the trunking.  This enabled the maximum capacity of the trunking and box to be maintained

More than 900 boxes were provided, together with special sized power and data plates to suit

The second phase of the works in Senate House will include the relocation of Institutes into the complex and the changes required to the famous Senate House Library. These include sensitively introducing new technology, accommodating the libraries of the University Institutes and increasing the storage capacity of the Tower in to a Grade II listed building.

Cableduct is also involved in the designs here, with a range of cavity floor boxes, and also a bespoke bronze product in keeping with existing architectural products.

500 Series floor box





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