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Floor Box Overview

Cableduct has the largest range of standard floor boxes in the industry. We have a floor box to suit any site requirement from 55mm deep.
All ranges can suit screed or cavity floors, and are all cat6 compatible in floor depths of 85mm or greater.
All boxes can be supplied with a lock.



The most discrete floor box available, with uniquely flush outlet flap and handle, both sprung closed. Suitable for any floor finish thickness.
Available in satin or mirror polished brass or stainless steel, or bronze finish. Available with or without a trim flange.

Patent applied for GB1721965.0

700 Series

The original prestigious floor box with solid cast outlet flaps. Standard finishes are available in brass, stainless steel or bronze, for any floor finish thickness. Standard shapes available are round, rectangular or square but other shapes can be made to suit your floor covering
Can be strengthened to withstand medium grade cavity floor loading..


2000 Series floor box

Innovative, award winning design with integral strength. Available in 3 or 4 compartments. The lid recess is 6mm, ideal for office carpet environments. Suitable for floors from 55mm deep.
Improved floor safety: sprung closed outlet flaps - Patent GB2473156
Simple outlet flap reversal - Patent GB2473157
Instant, tool free installation - Patent GB2440371.

500 Series Floor box

A trimless floor box suitable for carpet or vinyl floors, the box is easily adaptable to any situation.
The lid has a 6.5mm recess and is ideal for carpet, vinyl or resin: the trimless design allows it so sit flush with the surrounding vinyl floor.
Suitable for floors from 55mm deep.


Floor grommets

Circular grommets available in satin or mirror polish finish in brass or stainless steel.
Supplied either with a flat or recessed lid to suit your covering, and available either with or without a trim flange.
Standard diameters are 127mm, 193mm and 285mm.


When even our large standard range does not suit, we can find a solution to any site requirement.

Our Minima and 700 ranges can be adpated in a plethora of ways to create new, unqiue designs, for you.

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